Feng Ye
(Founder, Artistic Director of Feng Ye Dance Studio)

Feng Ye is former director of the Dance Company of China Oriental Song & Dance Troupe; Chinese National 1st-Grade Dancer; Renowned Chinese young dancer and choreographer;Graduated from Beijing Dance Academy;
Feng Ye has participated in the Chinese Art Performance during the Closing Ceremony of the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic Games, acted as choreographer and director for the Dance Performance during the Closing Ceremony of the 2014 Youth Summer Olympic Games, won the highest award ever granted for a solo dance in the national & folk dance category in the history of China National Dance Competitions during the 2003 China National Dance Competition, won the Award for Excellent Performance in the International Dance Competition in Seoul, Republic of Korea in 2002, won for two times the Wenhua Award – the most authoritative award for performers in China, won as choreographer the Most Popular Performance Award on China Central TV Station, danced as principal dancer in numerous dance performances, acted as choreographer and director in more than ten popular dance shows, performed in the United States, Japan, Greece, Norway, etc., regarded by Chinese media as a rarely-seen “three-in-one artist” (outstanding dancer, choreographer and art management expert);
Feng Ye has set up Feng Ye Dance Studio and Feng Ye Dance Company in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017; Initiated Feng Ye Dance Theatre in 2018.

Established in the San Francisco Bay Area since August 2017, Feng Ye Dance Studio offers various dance courses, stage performance make-up courses, summer camp courses for children, bespoke costume tailoring services for performers, dance MV production services for individuals, Feng Ye Dance Theatre performances, etc.
Feng Ye Dance Studio having been highly spoken of by its trainees, Feng Ye Dance Studio provides its top trainees with opportunities to participate in performances in Feng Ye Dance Theater as well as other performances.

Founded by Feng Ye, founder of Feng Ye Dance Studio, Feng Ye Dance Company consists of the very best trainees at Feng Ye Dance Studio who are not only talented at dancing but also dance with the same level of artistic expression as that of professional dancers.
Dancers of Feng Ye Dance Company are now busy with rehearsals for “Encounter” – the 2018 grand annual gala to be presented by Feng Ye Dance Theatre at Montgomery Theater, San Jose, on May 26, 2018. At this gala, dancers of Feng Ye Dance Company will, together with Zhang Aoyue, a top Dancer from China, and American performers, present for audiences awesome Chinese classical as well as ethnic and folk dances.

Dance theatre (or “Tanztheater” in German) is a form of art initiated in Germany in the late 1960’s. Abolishing the traditional aesthetics and hierarchy of classical ballet, dance theatre emphasizes the equality of performers on the stage and, instead of telling a whole story within the boundaries of the stage, conveys a complete subject by way of putting together like Montage fragmented scenarios and beyond the boundaries and limits of the traditional stage.
As founder and art director of Feng Ye Dance Theatre, Feng Ye will, by utilizing her years of experience as a brilliant dancer, choreographer and director, and in collaboration with dancers, choreographers, visual art performers and musicians around the world, demonstrate at Feng Ye Dance Theatre the very essence of Chinese culture and civilization through dance performances.