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1. Comprehensive Dance Courses (for Adults & Children)

1). Entry-Level Courses: suitable for adult trainees who have never learned dancing before or who have learned dancing for less than three years; including body flexibility training, physical training, and basic skills of dancing, designed to prepare the trainees for higher-level courses

2). Intermediate-Level Courses: suitable for adult trainees who have learned dancing for more than three years, including body flexibility training, physical training, classical and new repertoire learning;

3). Feng Ye Dance Theater Courses: courses designed to prepare trainees for dance performances to be presented by Feng Ye Dance Theater (ballet physique training lessons highly recommended as a compulsory course for trainees who plan to take these courses).

2. Private Lessons by Feng Ye (for Adult & Children)

One-on-one private dance lessons by Feng Ye in which trainees can get their skills of dancing improved, physical fitness enhanced, dance postures and movements rectified, ability to use their body language increased and trainees can also learn in these private dance lessons dances tailor-made for them.For private lessons, at least ten days’ prior written application must be made.

3. Make-Up for the Stage Course

Having in front of you an array of cosmetics of differnt brands and colors, why are you still unable to do a perfect make-up for the stage? Make-Up for the stage is not only an art, it’s also a technical job. Feng Ye, a master of stage make-up, will teach you in this course how to, in just two minutes, do a make-up for the stage which not only fits in well with your dance genre but also helps you in expressing emotions in your dance!

4. Personal Dance MVs

How can I let the whole world know when I have learned a new dance? How can I demonstrate my dancing capability as a special skill to the admissions officer when making an entrance application? How can I distinguish myself when submitting an application for participating in a dance competition? The answer to these questions is simple: Order a personal dance MV that only belongs to yourself! Whether it is your own piece or it is a work of choreography by Feng Ye specially tailored for you, our expert professional team will make you an MV that will give your dance a cool and perfect presentation.

5. Bespoke Dance Costumes for the Stage

Our expert professional tailors in China can make you bespoke dance costumes for the stage tailored to suit your own measurements as well as your dances.

6. Ballet Physique Lessons

These intermediate-level lessons are suitable for adult trainees who have learned dancing for more than three years. These lessons provide for trainees training in basic movements of ballet and will enable trainees to dance ballet to accompanying music. Since these lessons can greatly improve trainees’ muscle-controlling ability and body coordination, these lessons are compulsory for trainees intending to perform dancing on the stage

7. Cheongsam(Qi pao) Course

As the traditional dress for Chinese women, Cheongsam (Qi pao) highlights both the natural beauty of the female body and, at the same time, the feminine temperament of the wearer. In collaboration with the Qi Feng Tang, a renowned institution in the San Francisco Bay Area, a new Cheongsam (Qi pao) course is now available at Feng Ye Studio. In this course, Feng Ye will, by her unique way of training, help Cheongsam (Qi pao) wearers to maximize their natural beauty as well as their feminine temperament.

8. Body-Shaping Lessons

A brand-new and unique set of body-shaping exercises! Designed by Feng Ye, these exercises will train the different muscle groups and joints of your body and help you shape your body simply by way of dancing!

9. Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Originating from India, yoga has become a popular sport worldwide. Yoga helps people to balance their mind and their body by practicing to control the breath and the body. Yoga has become a daily must for lots of celebrities to keep fit. Based on Ashtanga Yoga, the yoga course at Feng Ye Studio will help you harmonize your mind with your body. Come and join us and keep up with the world!

10. Salsa & Social Dance

Salsa lessons and mini social dancing with your favorite salsa and Bachata music! Every Friday for a night of salsa and social dancing lessons with Darwin, the hot and only salsa teacher in Bay Area.

11. Summer Camps for Children

In recent years, it has become very popular for Chinese children to travel to the United States during their vacations to experience American culture. In collaboration with reliable educational institutions here in the United States, Feng Ye Studio will offer dance courses for these Chinese children during their trips to the United States.